learning why it happens

Many people realize that the car do not start as easily as it should when the engine is hot and do not know what to do about it. In order to be able to overcome this problem,haw it is important to start by learning why it happens.

Most of the reasons by which a hot engine would be hard to start are based on problems related to the fuel. When the engine is too hot,superfine fuel can't circulate properly due to the way in which vapor obstructs it and therefore the engine wouldn't start as easily as it should or it wouldn't start at all.

A car engine would keep on gaining temperature until a while after it was shut off. During this period of time is when the highest amount of vapor would be circulating around and therefore that is when the chances it obstructs the engine are bigger as well.orangepee This way, if you are driving in hot weather and you have just turned off the car in which you experience start problems, you should wait for a few minutes until starting it back.

Fuel injected engines do not experience this problem as much as others do due to the fact that the fuel remains inside the injectors by being under a very high pressure. This way, fuel injected engines would not become so easily obtruded by vapors as other engines would and therefore the car would not have the same lower problems to start as another would.

Also, engines might become hard to start while being hot if it coincides with the season in which refiners change from a fuel blend to another. Sometimes gasoline refiners change from a higher volatility fuel to a lower one when summer approaches due to the way in which hot weather causes fuel to evaporate easier. If refiners change back to a higher volatility fuel while the engine is still exposed to days of high temperatures,answers this could cause the fuel to evaporate too much creating too much vapor and therefore obtruding the engine.

Bacon eat whether cause cancer?

Compared with the cmbuty 那偏愛 bacon, I believe a lot of people would choose bacon, bacon anticorrosion ability, can to extend save time and add a unique flavor, bacon should not eat or make you suffer from gallstones. Twelfth lunar month, bacon, also said that the bacon eating more will carcinogens.

Smoked meat why incense? The taste and aroma of the smoke actually comes mainly from wood burning smoke contains polyphenols, studies have shown that, at least after more than 20 kinds of phenol with smoked meat taste relatedBee 美麗我最大. The smoked hope to achieve the purpose of the compounding effect of the color, flavor and three, while also serving as the anti-oxidation and microbial antagonism.

       However, we must face the possible adverse consequences of the presence of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the traditional smoke. The bacon smoked the most likely benzopyrene induced gene mutation and carcinogenic, which is a scientific conclusion. Smoked process, must pay attention to the food benzopyrene cause pollution.

Hair smoke temperature is strictly controlled below 300 ℃, can significantly reduce the pollution of benzopyrene in smoked foods, from temperature point of view, in the process of traditional bacon smoked over time "the slow smoke" and deliberately is not only delicious, indeed, such as beecmのブログSun Sun Yat-sen said, coincident with science and public health, it is worthwhile to continue to flourish, but industrial production impossible the the small workshops status copy Zaoqian slope, how to do it?

       Liquid-type smoke has been widely applied in foreign countries, we also can learn from. Liquid rich heavy scent of fruit trees after distillation or retorting, according to a certain ratio and concentration directly add, soak and spray meat, smoked, can achieve the desired effect.

Allows the bacon does not go through the smoking process to achieve good color, flavor and shelf life, not only retains the the traditional bacon unique color and flavor, but also greatly reduces the harmful harmful benzopyrene, nitrite in bacon the residual amount of the substance, the requirements of food safety and consumer awareness of domestic consumers and countries in consistent, why not?

Drunken sleep

Japan study, alcohol use immediately after the sleep is not conducive to the absorption of alcohol and decomposition, so consider drunken sleep a few hours can drive the idea Landscape product dab2d12ck and practice is extremely dangerous.
Sapporo Medical University in Japan and Kanagawa County, Yokosuka City Long Lake in alcoholism center on 24 20 year-old young men and women were related to the test, let them per kg body weight 0.75 grams of alcohol standard ( equivalent to 60 kg weight people drink about 1 liters of beer drinking ).
After drinking two cases continue to experiment, babyclothwear a study is made to sleep for 4 hours, another kind is not sleeping. The researchers compared two kinds of object of study in exhaled breath alcohol concentration, the results found drinking and sleeping 4 hours after breath alcohol concentration is approximately 2 times the sleep condition. Sapporo Medical University professor Matsumoto Hiroshi said, sleep to intestinal and hepatic activity diminished the likelihood is high, intestinal and liver respectively play absorption and decomposition of the role of alcohol.
Long Lake in alcoholism center physicians said, " consider drunken sleep all right " idea is very dangerous, so if not enough time passes " china badge supplier hangover " don't drive.

Four major problems facing

LED lighting changes will expand people's conception of lighting, LED in twenty-first Century room lighting LED lighting design will be more embodied energy, hale and hearty, artistic and humanized travel trends.
Room lighting is inseparable from the lamps, lamps and lighting is fusion reaction, it is to stop room installation effect, initiate visual conditions of the tool, is also home decoration part, Viribright LED globe lamp dab8d29ck is the lighting skills and installation art retreat body. Modern lamp not only in the indoor illumination function, but also create a living atmosphere is important make a part. The modelling of lamps and lanterns and color coordination, can make the bedroom environment perfect a certain atmosphere and mood, reflect the style and characteristics has been installed, increasing the beauty of art, make interior space more adapt to people's psychological, physical needs and aesthetic taste.
LED LED lighting lighting design problems a new lighting products, the application of international attention, including high power white LED known as the twenty-first Century the most valuable source of illumination, will lead to a new revolution. Since the white LED, whether it is light or the principle of efficiency and other aspects are other traditional sources can not compare the advantages, therefore, LED lighting has become a trend in twenty-first Century room lighting, LED and traditional incandescent lamp just as when, Viribright LED Bulb Brand as room lighting opened a new heaven and earth.
Lighting design and it is the most important light, new LED light source for lighting design to open up a new way to reform, from a large extent change our conception of lighting, we from the traditional point, line source concepts of liberation, lighting design concept to be cast and reestablished, lamps in the vision, perception and status of creative showed a greater elastic space, room lighting to more energy-saving, hale and hearty, artistic and humanized.
One, energy saving LED consisting of material indicates that, because LED is a cold light source, semiconductor lighting each to environment did not mix, and the incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, energy-saving effectiveness of never mind to more than 70%. In the same brightness, the power consumption is only 1/10 subtractive incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp 1/2. if LED lamps instead of our existing lighting 50%, annual our country economical power equal to a sum of Three Gorges power station generating capacity, its energy-saving benefit very considerable.
In two, hale LED is a green light source. LED lamp DC drive, no stroboscopic; no infrared and ultraviolet component, no radiation is jumbly, high color and perfect strong luminescence bias; dimming performance is good, color temperature change will not live visual abuses; cold light source low heat, never mind safe touch; these are the traditional incandescent lamps and a light pipe to do. It can not only supply the exciting light space, and can well freehand human acts science hale, hk-car is to protect the visual and environmental health source.
As a result of a single LED smaller power, lighting of the low, independent use reach the brightness of the lighting requirements, and a plurality of LED assembled together design become a useful LED lighting is a very broad application prospects. The lighting design of illuminating the object and the light flux can be based on need, selection of lamp optical system form, the number of LED and power; also never mind a plurality of LED LED combination design into a point, the ring light source or light face " two sources", according to combined into a "two source " to the design of fixture.

The LED market is becoming rational

Market research agency TrendForce ( set state ) under the research department recently issued the report points out, China management released annual semiconductor lighting products financial subsidies to promote the project has been officially opened,teaching excellence the nominated products in cost and price are reduced greatly, China LED lighting industry mainstream level has been upgraded. The next few years, Chinese LED market competition will be more intense.
Quotes from the point of view, outdoor lighting lamps and LED tunnel light per watt at the cost of 11 yuan, compared to the general product 15 - 18 yuan / tile market prices, have greatly reduced. The opening price significantly lower than the market price, is the manifestation of the direct financial subsidy effect. While the indoor lighting cost is lower than 7 yuan / watt level, this value is close to the set state research institutions predict indoor lighting market starting point. On the fiscal subsidy under the impetus, consumers to assume the price will drop to 5 yuan / W.
The shortlisted vendors offer relatively more rational, the new bidding rules, manufacturers of lighting design standards of quality and efficiency of light homogeneity degree is higher, therefore, monthly rental apartmentdab8d28ck become the main factors affecting pricing power.
The manufacturer is expected to help financial subsidies, to ease the current industry level sex is superfluous problem. From the results, the light efficiency and light source Specification no strict limit, generally benefit the Chinese market of the wafer and packaging manufacturers. Domestic manufacturers have the opportunity through better price, sales promotion, obtain larger subsidy share, and promote the development of Chinese industry chain upstream of the rapid development of.
Expert analysis, after the tender, LED market price will be more standardized and transparent. In addition, the tender will limit the number of lamps businessmen the quotation and high commercial rebate behavior, and then promote the consumer to LED lamp price understanding, Neo skin lab to increase consumer confidence in the use of LED lighting products.


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